Jump Start Dance


Jump Start Dance Pre-School classes are for kids ages 2-5 years old! 


Our classes consist of:

  • circle time

  • warm up

  • stretches

  • song and dance activities


We will learn:

  • independence

  • creativity

  • social skills

  • balance

  • spacial awareness

  • flexibility

  • strength

Meet The Director

Sarah Zylstra

Sarah Zylstra has been a dance instructor for over twenty years. After years of working for other dance studios, Sarah opened her own, Jump Start Dance Studio, in 2006 in Richmond, Virginia. She was the director and owner for fifteen wonderful years. After moving to Naples in 2019 she began teaching at local schools and studios. She re-imagined her dance studio dreams and founded Jump Start Dance, a mobile dance instruction service.  

Sarah has trained with many national artists as well as taken master classes from nationally accredited teachers and choreographers. She has also choreographed for local theatre and stage shows. Sarah's students have won numerous awards in dance across the nation.

In 2020, together with her husband, a golf instructor, she founded Jump Start Kids Golf, a program that specializes in teaching the fundamentals of golf to preschool age children.

Sarah resides in Naples, Florida with her husband Ryan, their two children and two dogs. 


About Jump Start Dance

Jump Start dance classes are 30 minutes each week for kids age 2-5 years old! 

Our classes consist of circle time, warm up, stretches and song and dance activities.


 We use creative movement, fun props, storytelling and easy to understand lessons to teach basic ballet, tap and jazz movements. Dancers will gain independence, creativity, social skills, patience, balance, spacial awareness, flexibility, strength and more. Each and every class is fun and keeps our dancers moving and learning!

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