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Classes Offered:


Kid Dance - Princess Ballet & Tap – ages 2- 4 (45 minutes – 1 hour)
The perfect introductory class for your little dancer!! Using a Ballet based curriculum, children will learn simple vocabulary and Ballet positions. They will also explore creative movement with interactive songs, activities and free movement. Basic gymnastics are also introduced to help with motor skill development, balance and flexibility. 


**Pink ballet slippers, leotard and tights. NO bedroom slippers please. Black Patent Taps


Ballet & Tap Combination or Jazz & Tap Combination – ages 3- 9 (1 hour)

A beginner program that continues to further position placement and movement through more complex song and dance activities. Children will begin to learn fundamental basics of both Ballet and Tap Dance. Dancers are placed in classes according to age, maturity level and technical ability.

**Pink ballet slippers, leotard and tights. NO bedroom slippers please

Black patent leather taps. Hair pulled back away from the face.


Classical Ballet - ages 6 & up  (1 hour)

Students will learn proper ballet techniques and positions while training at the barre and center floor. Increased flexibility, balance and coordination are the key elements in this class. Advanced students may be considered for Pointe after at least one year of ballet class and teacher approval. All competition team members must be enrolled in a weekly ballet class.

**Pink ballet slippers, Leotard, and ballet pink, black or skin tone tights, hair pulled up in a bun or pony tail. No jewelry please.

Jazz – ages 6 & up (1 hour)

A high energy class, this style of dance uses foundations of ballet to create new and innovative movement possibilities. Emphasis on proper position placement and fundamental technique is addressed in both floor and center work. As the students advance, their ability to understand stylistic movement and musicality also advances. Students are encouraged to use their own personality and attitudes to bring their own personal style to their movement.

**Tan pull on jazz shoes, Leotard, tight fitted crop top or tank top with dance shorts. Tight fitting dance or yoga style pants are allowed. No baggy t shirts please

Tap – ages 6 & up (30 min)

Students learn fundamental tap techniques while combining different tap combinations. Students will work on footwork, tap patterns and musicality. Both across the floor and center work will be introduced.

**Tan split sole tie taps, dance shorts/pants/tights and dance top/leotard.

Lyrical/Contemporary – ages 6 & up (1 hour)

Lyrical is a more modern style focusing on traditional ballet techniques combined with story telling and emotion conveyed through the art of dance. Combining techniques of ballet, jazz and contemporary, dancers work on flexibility, strength, range and an ease of movement while building and maintaining technique and musicality. Dancers will use improvisational techniques to deepen expression and emotion.

Barefoot or dance foot undies/thongs, Leotard, tight fitted crop top or tank top with dance shorts. Dance or yoga pants are appropriate..

Acro  & Tumbling Dance – ages 5 & up (1 hour)

Students will learn basic to advanced tumbling skills and jumps, along with strengthening and flexibility exercises.

Barefoot, dance shorts and leotard/dance top. NO TIGHTS unless footless

Broadway Jazz & Tap  - ages 8 & Up

Students will tell a story while dancing. 

Tan Pull On Jazz Shoes, leotard and dance shorts


**Private Lessons are available. Please contact us for more information on private classes**


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