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Class Descriptions Levels 1- 5

Level 1: Ages 5-6

Level 2: Ages 7-8   

Level 3: Ages 9-11

Level 4: Ages 12-14

Level 5: Ages 15-19

*placement based on experience & age


Ballet : Level 1 - 5  30 or 45 minutes

This Ballet class is perfect for all levels of dancers, from beginners to experienced. Our experienced instructors will teach the fundamentals of ballet technique, including proper posture and alignment, as well as basic steps and combinations. The class will help you develop strength, flexibility, and grace, while also improving your musicality and coordination. With our supportive and caring atmosphere, you'll be able to learn and progress at your own pace. Join us for a rewarding, enjoyable, and enriching Ballet experience!

Attire: Pink ballet slippers, Leotard, and ballet pink, black or skin tone tights, hair pulled up in a bun or pony tail. No jewelry please.

Jazz:Level 1 - 5   30 or 45 minutes

Our Jazz dance class is an energetic and lively introduction to this dynamic style of dance. Our experienced instructors will teach the students the fundamentals of Jazz dance, such as isolations, rhythms, and coordination. Through our fun and creative classes, students will learn the basic steps and techniques of Jazz dance while also having a great time! Our classes are open to all skill levels, so everyone can enjoy the thrill of Jazz dance. Join us now and take your dancing to the next level!

Attire: Tan pull on jazz shoes, Leotard, tight fitted crop top or tank top with dance shorts. Tight fitting dance or yoga style pants are allowed. No baggy t shirts please

Tap: Level 1,2 or 3   30 minutes

This tap dance class is perfect for beginners who are looking to learn the basics of this popular dance style. Our experienced instructor will guide you through basic steps and techniques, teaching you how to create percussive rhythms with your feet. Whether you're looking to pick up a new skill or just have some fun, this class will help you develop coordination and rhythm while having a great time. Get ready to make some noise and get your feet moving!

Attire: Black tap shoes, dance shorts/pants/tights and dance top/leotard.

Lyrical/Contemporary Level 1-5 30 or 45 minutes

Our lyrical/contemporary dance class is designed to express emotions through storytelling and movement. Combining ballet technique with contemporary dance, this class will teach students how to express themselves through dance. With an emphasis on musicality and emotion, this class will give students the opportunity to explore the creative possibilities of dance. Students will learn the basics of modern-style movement and choreography, as well as the principles of improvisation and expression. Through creative exploration, students will gain an appreciation for the art of movement and an understanding of the various topics that make up contemporary dance. With the guidance of our experienced instructors, they will develop their own unique style and grow as dancers.

Attire: Tan Turning Shoes, Leotard, tight fitted crop top or tank top with dance shorts. Dance or yoga pants are appropriate.

Acro  & Tumbling Dance Level 1 - 4  30, 45 or 60 minutes

Acro dance is a fusion of classical dance technique with acrobatic elements. It is a great way to strengthen muscles, gain flexibility and create beautiful lines. Our acro classes focus on developing a strong foundation of skills and techniques, while also encouraging artistry and expression. Our teachers are experienced in both dance and acrobatics, so you can be sure you are learning the safest and most effective techniques. Come join us for an acro class and experience the beauty of movement

Students will learn basic to advanced tumbling skills and jumps, along with strengthening and flexibility exercises.

Attire: Barefoot, dance shorts and leotard/dance top. NO TIGHTS unless footless

Musical Theatre Level 2 or 3  30 or 45 minutes

Our musical theatre dance class is perfect for aspiring performers! Combining classic jazz and tap dance styles, this class will help hone your skills and build confidence as a dancer. Our talented instructors will help you master the timing and technique needed to put on a show-stopping performance. With exciting choreography and a variety of music, this class is sure to bring out your inner star. Sign up today and let your skills shine!

Attire: Tan Pull On Jazz Shoes,  leotard and dance shorts (tap shoes optional)

Hip Hop Level 1,2 or 3   30 or 45 minutes

This Hip Hop class is every dancers dream! Our professional instructors provide clean and age appropriate choreography to the latest Hip Hop tunes. Each class will challenge you to move with style and finesse, allowing you to express yourself through dance. Our Hip Hop classes are designed to be high energy and provide an outlet for creative expression. Come join us and show off your moves!

Attire: Clean tennis shoes and comfortable easy to move in clothing.

Pointe *instructor approval* Must be accompanied by at least one ballet class per week

Pointe class is an advanced form of ballet technique that requires a lot of skill and strength. It is recommended that students have at least 2 years of ballet experience and receive approval from their instructor before participating in a Pointe class. In this class, dancers will learn the fundamentals of Pointe technique and how to safely execute Pointe steps. Our experienced instructors will ensure that each student is progressing at their own individual level in order to maximize their potential.


Ages 12 & up by approval. 


**Private Lessons are available. Please contact us for more information on private classes**


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