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Welcome to the dance program at Jump Start Dance.  Please use this as a reference to many of our policies and contact information.

We want to thank you for choosing Jump Start Dance and welcome you to our dance family!




Monthly Installments:
This is a ten month installment plan running from registration through May. Your first installment is due at registration. Subsequent installments will be automatically withdrawn on the 30th of the month.  There is a $25 late fee if tuition is not received by the 5th of each month.

Bi-annual installments:
This plan saves you 5% over the monthly installment plan. The first installment is due at registration and the second installment is due December 15th. There is a late fee if the 2nd installment is not received by December 20th.

Annual Tuition Paid in Full
This saves you 5% over the monthly plan. This payment is due at the time of registration.

There will be no refunds given on any tuition or fees paid to Jump Start Dance or Jump Start Kids. There is a 30 day written notice required to withdraw from classes.

*Withdraw forms must be submitted to the front desk - not your class teacher. 

If written notice is not received you will be responsible for all payments until such notice is received.

There are no refunds given on annual or bi-annual or monthly installment tuition.
**There is a $30 fee for all returned checks.**





  • In order for our dancers to receive an exceptional dance education, it is imperative that attendance is taken seriously

  • As a courtesy, please notify JSDS & Ashland Dance Company if your dancer is going to be absent from class

  • There will be no refunds, credits or discounts for missed classes

  • Classes cancelled due to inclement weather will be sent via text and email and updated on our facebook page after 2pm on weekdays and before 8:30 am on Saturdays

  • Students will be allowed to make up a class during a class of similar level at a different time


Studio Etiquette

  • The staff of Ashland Dance Company will not accept disrespectful behavior. If a student is disrespectful they will receive a warning. If the behavior continues, their parent(s) may be informed and asked to pick them up as well as participate in a meeting with the Director

  • Dancers are expected to respect each other in an atmosphere that promotes self-expression and comfort. Bullying in any way will not be tolerated

  • Our faculty and staff advocate a professional and respectful atmosphere and expect the same from both our dancers and their families

  • Dancers are not allowed in the studio unless accompanied by a member of the JSDS Ashland Dance Company faculty or staff.

  • Food and drinks are allowed in our waiting areas only. Only water bottles will be permitted in the dance studio. Please pick up after yourself and your children.


Dance Attire

  • Dance is a discipline, which begins with attire and appearance. All classes require specific dance attire. Proper dress code is pertinent for instructors to observe the dancers proper body movement.

**Please review our dress code prior to purchasing your dancer’s apparel and shoes. Dress code is listed on our curriculum page.


Drop Off And Pick Up

  • For the safety of our dancers we ask that a parent or guardian walk students into the studio, as well as be present at the end of class to pick them up

  • Students are to remain inside the building while waiting to be picked up. We will not be responsible for students leaving the building

  • Students should not wait longer than 15 minutes to be picked up once class has ended


Class Placement

  • Placement decisions are made at the discretion of the Director. If the Director and teacher feel that a child will benefit from an alternate placement, a dancer may be moved to another level

  • If you feel the need to have a meeting of any kind please contact the office so a time can be arranged that does not interfere with class time. Conversations regarding your children deserve uninterrupted time

  • At no time will a child’s abilities or placement be discussed with anyone other than that child’s parent


Classroom Observation

  • Only dancers will be allowed in the studio during classes

  • All students are asked to remain in the waiting area until their class begins


Costume & Recital Fees

  • Costume Fees are due November 15th. 

  • All dancers must have appropriate tights and shoes for our annual recital. Costume fees do not include tights or shoes.

  • Recital fees are due March 15th




Contact JSDS or ADC with any questions or concerns. We value our students and aim to 

create a positive dance experience. We welcome your feedback.

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